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Led by author, healer and teacher Dr. Cyndi Brannen

Membership Includes Unlimited Access To:

The COVEN Commons: connect, share and learn

DIY CLASSES: Guides, audios and videos to get your magick going. New one every month. Such as: 

- The Hekate's Key Journey (Includes class on Spiritual Journeying)
- The Hekate Shadow Tarot Spread
- Candle Magick
- Finding and Working With a Spirit Guide
- Crystal and Stone Spirit Witchcraft
- Hekate and her Sovereign Goddesses Guide and Rituals

EXCLUSIVE LIVE EVENTS: Wheel of the Year Rituals, Journeys, Meditations, Teaching, Expert Panelists, Oracles and more.

RECORDED SEMINARS: Watch, experience and learn from past events. 

GROUPS: Keeping Her Keys Book Club, House of Spirits and more

TOPICS:  Our Book of Shadows includes Spirits, Spells, Tarot, Hekate and much more.

EXPERTS: Coven Council includes fabulous writers, healers and teachers.

Twice-monthly FREE live psychic readings with Angie Knight-Reiter and Serendipity Wyrd of Geology of the Soul, a collective of badass psychic witches

Readings, tutorials and more to help you develop your psychic witchcraft skills and delve deep into the spirit world

The Keeping Her Keys Book Study Group: The community of folks working through Dr. Brannen's book, Keeping Her Keys

Our Book of Shadows: spells, rituals, techniques and more

Hekatean Witchcraft and other paths

Monthly Circle honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon 

Access: Connect directly with Dr. Cyndi Brannen and her amazing team of professional witches, including Angie Brown Knight-Reiter of Geology of The Soul and many more

Soul Sessions: Our monthly circle for going deeper

Lunar Lodges: Monthly Moon circles

Take a peek inside our coven: Click here

Benefits of Open Circle Coven:

  • Our own custom, fully immersive platform on Mighty Networks with no ads
  • Live group chats
  • Full integration with your calendar, Zoom (our meeting space) and other platforms
  • Private: no algorithms and ads
  • Safe: no trolls under the bridge in Open Circle 
  • Supportive: lead by a team of mentors committed to providing a fantastic experience for all ways and witches
  • Learning: direct access to our team of Expert Witches
  • Friendship: Make new connections
  • Community: Be part of an exciting coven that is growing

Open Circle Coven Also Includes:

Master Classes of True Magic and Fierce Love

Cyndi offers two sessions of her courses teaching the Keeping Her Keys system each year, starting February 1 and October 1. 

Take The Sacred Seven: A Course of True Magic that reveals how to harness the universal energies to live your truth. 

The Mystai: A Master Class is the intensive program for delving into your inner mysteries and those of the Witch Goddess Hekate.

Click here: Learn more about Open Circle Institute and the Keeping Her Keys system.

More about Cyndi

Open Circle is an institute of spiritual education based on true magic and fierce love. Founded by Cyndi Brannen, PhD, author and teacher. 

101 Classes to Introduce Witchcraft Concepts

Angie Brown Knight-Reiter of Geology of the Soul offers a variety of 101 classes, including Intuition 101, Witchcraft 101, and Astrology 101. She also offers psychic Tarot reading and private Soul Coaching.

More about Angie

Geology of the Soul founder and psychic witch Angie Brown Knight-Reiter brings you hard-hitting truth bombs while cheerleading you on to your empowered best. Angie's background includes education, event planning, and project management, along with over 20 years of witchcraft and Tarot practice. She is an Aries sun with a Cancer moon and Leo rising.

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